Respite Care

Professional Respite Care

Are you experiencing a feeling of being mentally and physically worn out? Its likely that you have been caring for your teenage / young adult without knowing your fuel tank is now empty.

Simply allow us to look after your family member for a couple of days while you get back your energy to do your good work again, so that you can give yourself some time and attention to retain your health and fitness.

Batavia house is setup well for short stay respite or in special cases we come to your home.

Cater To Your Own Needs

While you have been busy occupied looking after your family member, you the caregiver usually starts ignoring your own health and as a consequence your health starts deteriorating. Avoid doing this to yourself and allow our trained respite professionals to handle the care giving needs for a short time. Your disabled family member will be completely safe in our hands when we engage in the care giving. In the meantime, you are able to look after yourself and provide your body and mind with what you need, usually some quiet time to yourself or a weekend away. Relaxation. If you are seeking a quality short term break, we are here to help you in the best possible way.

Be in Good Health

Do not ignore the signs of exhaustion, take care of your own health in the process of taking care of your special loved one. Leave that task to us and utilize the moment for taking care of your own body and mind. Constantly giving care to a special person naturally makes the caregiver drained and tired and so it is quite essential that you help yourself to help your loved one by rejuvenation. Do not worry one bit about the looking after of your special family member as we are here to efficiently take a helping hand to enable you to allow yourself to get back to your previous strength and vitality.