Batavia Home Care

Exceptional Home Care Support for an Elevated Way of Living

In many cases, young adults with disability need care and protection around the clock. If you have young adult family member with disabilities in your home who need constant attention and not willing to leave the home for a short time to stay at Batavia house Respite, then Dene will come to you and is a good alternative to allow you to escape for a weekend of respite yourself.

If you have thought about it in the past then this is the high time you need someone who can efficiently look after your young adult/s with disabilities, when you are away from home. It’s a sad fact that you can’t always rely on someone from your family to step in and help you manage as everyone has a busy life in our days. There comes the necessity of opting for the help of professional home care respite services provider, who can efficiently care for your young adult or teenage family member.

We, at Batavia Respite will help you in this aspect for a short period and ongoing in home if required.

Help Stay Healthy

We provide a healthy diet in line with the agreed care plan and unique requirements af diet.

Clients are encouraged to enjoy preparing meals and help cook depending on ability and mood. You can feel comfortable that your youngster is eating the rite food and being looked after properly in a safe place.

Provide Emotional Support

Hormonal changes in teenage and the beginning of adulthood and life experiences of a traumatic nature come out at this time. Young people who have not developed emotional normality or been deprived of it in younger years are sometimes likely to act out and say or do things that don’t appear rational. We recognise this and give support. Sometimes spending quality time engaging in an activity is the best reconciliation and hope to replace a bad experience a new and good memory. This kind of situation becomes tougher with the young adults who just want to be heard and not advised. They may not express their needs properly and may seek someone’s attention to feel protected, valued and loved.

We respectfully engage our clients in everything as they are a member of our family and give a sense of inclusion and often ask for an opinion if one is not volunteered.

Best Support

All carers are competent in first aid, therapeutic crisis intervention, mental health, medication management, nutritional diet, exercise and disability assistance, Local doctor is close by.

We engage every day living activities and recreation providing a feeling of inclusion and value. The care plan with diet and medication is followed to the letter.

Companionship and enjoyment are the prime focus to help generate a feeling of safety, belonging and positive new memories to reconcile past mistreatment and lasting traumatic memories. We are genuine open and honest with our clients and we keep a confidence.