Respite Care for disabled teenagers and young adults

Are you a foster family or carer’s with and need a short break from the constant care you provide?

Do you require emergency respite for the weekend for your older child to be engaged in activities in a safe environment?

Dose the young man or lady want a break, a short stay away to enjoy some different activities and environment?

Batavia Respite are that helping hand to those who are in need. We are a 5-star respite care home offering our services to autistic and disabled people of Western Australia. We have a team of trained and experienced caring professionals who are here to engage and enhance the stay with structured activities tailored to the client’s ability and needs.

We meet and greet all new clients prior to a short stay.

Emergency placements may be agreed if we are not booked out.

Peace Of Mind:

Your young adult or teenage family member will be treated with dignity and respect in a safe environment, you can enjoy quality time “recharging your batteries” and getting centred again whilst knowing your youngster is being well looked after and engaged with meaningful activities. In the event of an emergency it can be arranged for a short stay.

We have an open policy for gender preference, religion, race, physical and mental ability as its both valued and respected.

Therapeutic crisis intervention

Many youngsters need someone to hear them and simply listen, some are very angry about things that have happened to them in the past………… We are not able to change anything that’s happened, but we can listen and attempt to replace a bad memory with a new memory of trust, respect and of value and be part of the lengthy process of reconciliation. In such a situation, you do not have to worry any more. We are here to assist you with the best and most dependable respite care, allowing you to have peace and relaxation.